200 Local Students Maintain 4.0 GPA During Entire High School Career

Franque Thompson OMAHA (KPTM)- An epidemic of hard work has hit one local high school. 200 students at Papillion La-Vista High School have been straight-a students throughout their entire high school career. 94 seniors will graduate with a 4.0 GPA. Emma Himes is one of them . "Ever since freshman year I've been fighting to stay in the top. And I finished high school in about the top two percent of my class," said the graduating senior. Himes takes pride in topping the charts as one of the smartest students in her class. The academic success doesn't stop with just seniors. 26 percent of its junior class are straight A students. Staff said students always go above and beyond for their education. "They know, not only is it going to help prepare them for college, but it's also going to give them an advantage over maybe some peers that don't have those honors and AP academic opportunities," said assistant principal Angie O'Hanlon. Himes said all those honors classes are paying. The courses have added up to a year and a half of college credits already complete. However, she admits her studies haven't always been easy. "There's a lot of times where I've been on the line between an a and a b and it just means extra studying and going online when there's things I don't understand so that I can teach myself more in depth. So that way when I sit down to take a test I'm ready and prepared," said Himes. Himes and the rest of her classmates will be graduating May 11th. Though she's counting down the days, she's still striving for excellence until the end. "This semester does not affect my GPA and colleges don't really care what happens this semester, but I am doing it for myself to make sure that I can maintain 4.0 through every semester of high school," said Himes. Himes said she received a full ride scholarship to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She said she hopes to one day become a lawyer. The 200 students were honored last week at an academic excellence celebration. The annual event is held to recognize their scholastic achievement.