2014 Vote Nebraska: Voters Changing Affiliations And Casting Their Ballots Early

OMAHA (kptm) - The primary election is less than two weeks away. The big races are the U.S. Senate and the Governor's race. Across the state, voters have already cast their ballot, but some are changing their minds on for who they want to vote. Since January more than 8,000 registered voters have changed their party affiliation. The majority have changed from other parties to Republican. The Douglas County Election Commissioner said it's all because of who is on the ballot. "I think there's a message there for a lot of people wanting to change what's taking place in the government." Warren Lucas said he recently changed his political party. "I wasn't happy with the party's approach." It's something the Douglas County Election Commission is seeing a lot of lately. "There is more interest, I think on the Republican side because of the two races, the governor and the senate race," County Commissioner, Dave Phipps said. But, he said when this trend has happened in the past, the voters would change back to their original affiliation after they cast their ballot. "A lot of people are looking at certain races and saying well this is the one where the choice makes a big difference and you know we want to see this person get into the general election," Phipps said. While he said the number of people that are switching political parties is substantial. He said the greatest change is how many Nebraskans are asking for an early ballot. "Well I just like avoiding the lines," one voter said. "You can sit at home, have a cup of coffee, look people up on the web, read the paper, do all those research things that you want and then mark your choice at your leisure," Phipps said. "I've made up my mind what I'm going to do and so there is nothing magical about waiting until you know one day to vote," Chester Veal said. If you would like to vote early and in person, you can do so at the Douglas County Election Commission office. You can do that as late as May 12th. However if you wait until May 13th, Election day, you'll have to go to your nearest polling place. The Election Commissioner reminds anyone sending in an early ballot, that it must be received by May 13th, not just postmarked. They will not accept your vote if they get it after that day.