30 Starved Baby Goats Rescued From Home

OMAHA (KPTM)- 30 baby goats, or kids, were rescued from ahome outside of Omaha Wednesday.

Officials at the Nebraska Humane Society said the goats areextremely malnourished, some have frostbite, and some still had their umbilicalchords attached.

All 30 of the goats were male and between 3-4 weeks old.

"I don't think we've ever rescued this many goats or hadthem come into the shelter because they were little," said Pam Wiese, with theNebraska Humane Society.

Wiese said animal control officers found dead goats at thehome as well, and are still investigating how the goats may have died.

"They've had a tough start and they are pretty fragile,"said Wiese.

The goats have to be fed every six hours because they are soyoung and their condition is so fragile.

"You go, oh they're so skinny! You just want to stuff themwith food but you can't do that because their little tummies can't take that,"said Wiese.

By 5 o'clock Friday, all the goats were adopted out.

Wiese said officers are still investigating. As of Friday,no charges have been filed against the owner.