78th Street Construction: Popular Rush Hour Short Cut Takes Longer Then Expected

By: Melina MatthesMMatthes@kptm.comOMAHA (kptm) - The city is working on several construction projects around town, but one less traveled road is getting quite a bit of attention after crews broke up the asphalt. Business owners along 78th street say their customers aren't happy and it's starting to show when they get behind the wheel. The road is closed but that's not stopping drivers. Traffic is still pushing through. Construction barrels line 78th street, a popular short cut for rush hour traffic. It's now one lane after crews milled the road to resurface the pavement, but fixing the road isn't just delaying traffic, it's also affecting area businesses. "We had a couple people yesterday that kind of went on a goose hunt and we've had a couple call and say hey we'll just wait until later," Dr. Mike Armour said, owner of Armour Chiropractic. "It's annoying, just with clients coming in and we're not sure when they're going to do right in front of the salon, whether that's going to affect actually getting into the parking lot or not," Kelly Herall said. Construction has only just begun on 78th street but Pemberley's Hair Design said its customers are noticing. "One had a hard timeabout 10 minutes trying to get around the neighborhood to get in this morning." And Herall said this isn't the first time city crews have torn up the road. And every client that's come through the door has something to say about it. "We've heard a lot that you guys always have construction issues, we've had this a lot of different times with different things and the roads so it definitely happens a lot." Dr. Mike Armour said his clients are frustrated with the construction. Some have even noticed other drivers acting irrationally. "I've heard of one incident where maybe somebody kind of yelled at the flag person but I imagine that happens anywhere." A sign posted along 78th street indicates that drivers can turn left or right at the stop sign, however there's construction barrels in the left turning lane indicating that you aren't supposed to turn left, but that's not stopping drivers from charging through. "It seems to happen a few times, but there's always something going on. We hear that a lot from our clients." The city engineer said construction should be finished by the end of the week, however they encourage drivers in the meantime to find alternative routes. If you want to find out where construction projects are around the metro you can do so at the city's website. Visit "Like" Melina on Facebook and follow her on Twitter to stay connected.