84th Street Revitalization Plan Still In The Works

Paul Gutierrez

LA VISTA (KPTM) - What's referred to as the Golden Mile isn't exactly bright and shiny these days, but if the mayor gets his way a half-cent sales tax increase would spruce the place up.

The city council is expected to take up the issue Tuesday night. Vision 84, as the proposal is called, would revitalize the Brentwood Square area near 84th Street and Park Drive; a plaza downtrodden by the departures of Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby and now filled with potholes, closed up shops and roof disrepair.

"I would love to see this area taken care of," said Annette Ryan, the Owner of Amber Rays tanning salon.

Opponents, however, won't embrace the idea of a sales tax increase because they want to keep taxes as low as possible.

"I would love to see a plan in action and not just on paper anymore," said Ryan.

Mayor Douglas Kindig says a study last year showed support for the sales tax was close to 70 percent. He estimates the plan would bring in more than $1 million if it's approved.