A Gift Fit for a Princess; Taylor Swift Tickets for One Special Girl

Maureen Wurtz

OMAHA (KPTM)- Once upon a time there was a little princess named Carly.

Like the beginning of any good fairy tale, there was one thing that happened to the little girl; a wish come true.

When Carly came home from school, her mom surprised her with four Taylor Swift concert tickets.

They were donated by a different kind of fairy 'godfather.'

"For these kids, it's just an opportunity for them to feel normal, loved, included and appreciated," said Doctor Thomas Manski.

Manski said he wanted the little girl to experience the magic of Taylor swift.

The little girl warmed up her voice, making sure it sounded like her favorite Disney princess, Rapunzel. "We-are never, ever, ever-getting back together. I just know that part," sang Carly.

Carly spends her days surrounded by her loyal subjects, teddy bears, princesses, and family.

Potions and spells take the form of the syringes and medications she has to use.

"We look at each day as a miracle, having her here," said Carly's mother, Linda Moore.

Carly has bravely battled arthogryposis since she was born.

It means she has stiff joints and weak muscles. Along with that, she has scoliosis and restrictive lung disease.

"We've come so close to losing her. I look at every day as a blessing to have her here," said Linda.

Ever since Carly was born, she hasn't been able to use her arms. So, Carly and her family have made little changes throughout the house, from changing doorknobs to a hands free toothbrush.

"After surgery, I always tell her-I'm always in your heart," said Linda.

Linda said she couldn't count the number of times the little girl has been in the hospital.

Just recently, Carly was able to spend one very important day out of the hospital.

"My birthday, the 25th, I wasn't in the hospital," said Carly. It was Carly's first time not in the hospital on her birthday in five years. "I decided to go to the amazing pizza machine with my boyfriend," said the eleven-year-old with a smile.

Carly has two kingdoms; her room nestled in Bellevue and at Children's hospital.

Carly knows everyone on the floor. "She's not just my Carly, she's everyone's," said Linda.

"There's Natalie, and Dr Bryan-he's a Nebraska fan," said Carly in a whisper. The young princess doesn't wear husker red, but Michigan blue.

Her knights wear stethoscopes and lab coats. "(The doctor) He made sure she was okay. And he took us out into another room, put his arms around me, and we just cried together," said Linda.

"I heal several people in the operating room, and Taylor, when she sings, she heals people's souls," said Manski.

"I can't wait to see her face and just watch the sparkle in her eyes," said Linda.

Carly wore a smile fit for a princess on her way to the concert.

However, this wasn't the end of Carly's fairytale, it was just the beginning.