A Second Chance For High School Drop Outs

Clark Young

KPTM (Omaha) - It's called a 'Gateway to College' and it's giving high school drop outs and at risk students a second chance at going to college.

This is the second year that Metro Community College has offered this program and is only one of 29 schools in the country to have it.

The 'Gateway to College' program is currently available to students 16-20 years old that are in the Omaha Public School District or last attended an OPS school.

It's a two year program that gives students the chance to earn both high school and college credits.

"At the end of those two successful years you'll have your high school diploma and you'll also have your college transcript that will have anywhere from 30 to 60 to 70 college credits in it," says program director Peggy Swanson.

The next information session is coming up on January 23rd through the 26th:

To learn more about the program and to get an application you can go to their web site at: