Accident Witness Speaks Out About Trying to Save Man's Life

SARPY COUNTY (KPTM)- A woman who tried to save the life of 27 year-old Kyle Magwire is speaking out about the importance of C.P.R training.
The woman, who asked that we leave her name out of the story, happened upon the car and motorcycle collision near 156th and Chandler streets while taking her six year-old son out to a nearby ice cream shop.
She says when she arrived on the scene she rushed to Magwire and attempted C.P.R.. Unfortunately, she says she got there too late.
Even though C.P.R. was not enough to save Magwire's life that night, the woman wants others to be able to perform the procedure. She said that had she gotten their earlier or had someone else on the scene known C.P.R., Magwire's life may have been saved.
The American Red Cross offers C.P.R. classes which typically take a few hours. For more information on C.P.R. Certification log on to