Accused Ambulance Shooter Says She Didn't Do It

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- The woman that's being accused of shooting the paramedic in side the ambulance said the stories that were told of the incident were not true. Justine Dubois spoke for the first time, Thursday, during a jailhouse interview.

Dubois said she wants to set the record straight. She did admit to quite a few things, like using meth the night before the shooting, smoking weed and getting high the day of, stealing the car at the convenient store, even using fake names, including her sister's, to try to avoid her felony warrants. She said all of that is true, but the details of what happened inside the ambulance are all false.

"I don't know who did what and I don't know what happened, really, honestly! But I know that I did not have no gun in my possession," said Dubois.

Police first arrested Dubois for stealing a car. Police said Dubois was having a seizure so she was placed in an ambulance under restrictions. Officials said Dubois pulled out a gun and shot a paramedic and herself while being taken to the hospital. But Dubois said that's not exactly what happened.

"Why would I shoot somebody who's trying to help me? And how would I have a gun if I was already in the squad car searched and everything?," she said.

Police said they did check Dubois before placing her in the ambulance, but they did not find a gun.

"They checked me thoroughly. Like, I don't understand how I got a gun in the first place," said Dubois.

Though she did not specifically accuse the paramedic, she claims it was not her gun that shot them.

"According to the doctor, he told me I got shot with a .357," said Dubois.

Dubois also admitted was a drug dealer. She said she had about $300 on her when she was arrested. She said that money has not shown up on her books.

Dubois' is being held at the Douglas County Department of Corrections on a $750,000 bond. Police said they are doing an administrative review of the shooting. Both the paramedic and the driver of the ambulance have returned to duty.