Ace Hardware Encourages Snow Blower Maintenance Check

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - As a storm front moves in, many homeowners will be rolling their snow blowers out for the first true test of the Winter season.

For a lot of people, the machines have been collecting dust in their garage as of late, but if you want to avoid problems Tuesday Ace Hardware suggests making sure your unit is in working order now.

"That way you don't have to spend even more time outside trying to get it started," said Westlake GM Tim Benesch.

Benesch told FOX 42 News having the right kind of fuel and a spark plug in tip-top shape are the two biggies in proper maintenance.

"You want to check your spark plug for any corrosion. If it's corroded it's not going to spark for you."

What causes that corrosion is old fuel more than 30 days old some people forget about if they haven't used their snow blowers in a while. It's a problem Ace Hardware tells us is avoidable, just like checking to make sure you have the right amount of gas in your unit is as well.

"Adding too much fuel will cause your machine to smoke," said Benesch. "Adding not enough will make it run super fast and eventually burn up the motor."

Other tips recommended by Benesch include making sure your air filter and paddles are in working order, making sure you have an owner's manual handy and investing in a newer model snow blower if your old one is showing signs of wear and tear.