Alcohol and Caffeine Can Hurt Health in Cold Weather

OMAHA (KPTM)- Even though sometimes it may seem like you getwarmer while drinking booze, the opposite actually happens.

"The blood flows away form the main organs, your heart lungskidney," said Dr. Mindy Lacey.

Lacey said alcohol increases blood flow to fingers, toes andcheeks, which makes the drinker feel okay, but it isn't the case.

"Though you feel warm, you have a higher chance of gettingmore hypothermic if you're outside in cold weather," said Lacey.

Lacey said drinking alcohol during extreme weatherconditions can lead to frost bite, impaired judgment and injuries.

"Somebody may fall and land on something," said Lacey. Laceysaid after snowstorms, her clinic and emergency rooms are packed.

Lacey said caffeine from pop and coffee can also be harmful.

"Caffeine-through a bunch of processes cause the body to getmore dehydrated," said Lacey.

Lacey said it's important to remember to drink just as muchwater during the winter as you would on a hot summer day.

"It's very very cold- and we know we're still just atthe beginning of February. So we may be seeing even more of it," said Lacey.