Allergy Season Arrives: What To Look Out For

Paul GutierrezBELLEVUE (KPTM) - The pollen counts range in the Omaha metro was listed as "very high" Wednesday, which put allergy sufferers on alert."It's very frustrating," said Tara Shropshire, an allergy sufferer.Shropshire is one of thousands of Nebraskans who will battle allergies this season."It used to control where I'd go, when I'd go and what time of year. Camping, fishing, I loved, but I hated it at the same time."The long and drawn out Winter certainly didn't do us any favors. As flowers and trees come back to life, so too will the symptoms."Runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, trouble breathing," described Dr. G. Daniel Brooks, an allergy physician.Pictures on his allergy center's office wall gave FOX 42 News a closer look at the problem. From grass pollen to tree pollen, they're what wreak havoc on our immune system."When they attack your nose your body gets confused and thinks it's like an infection for people with allergies," said Dr. Brooks.For information about what you can do to protect yourself, click here: