Allergy Season Takes The Fun Out Of Spring Weather

OMAHA (KPTM)- Doctors say you can expect a lot of sneezing over the next month.
While most people will enjoy a break from the winter weather, it's not a fun time for allergy sufferers.

"I get watery eyes, a runny nose and I get coughing. It's not a good day, but this helps a lot," said Ellen Homan as she picked up her over the counter allergy medicine which she carries with her during allergy season.

"It defeats me. It takes me out for weeks at a time," added Homan from her seat at the Creightn-Kansas State baseball game on Sunday.

"I recommend closing the windows and running the air conditioner in the house. If you have allergens, you want to keep them away from the inside of your home," said Dr. Jill Poole, Allergy Specialist with the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

"Always wash your hands, your face, take a shower and change your clothes to get the pollen off of you if you suffer from allergies," said Dr. Poole.

Poole advised allergy sufferer to stay away from drying clothes outside on a clothes line as well.