Allergy Sufferers Struggle To Find Refuge From Pollens Indoors

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- Health experts predict this spring to be the worst allergy season yet. To make matters even more stressful, experts said allergy sufferers should not expect their symptoms to calm down while indoors.

Steve George, with Midwest Allergy Relief Center, conducts consultations at homes and businesses, testing the air for the amount of particles floating around. He said a lot of what's in the air outdoors gets trapped indoors--like pollen, mold and mildew.

"They start to irritate or cause a histamine reaction. And that's what causes the eyes to burn the throat to get scratchy, the nose to start running," said George.

George said people have allergy symptoms indoors because the air in their home is not as clean as they think.

"The germs, the molds, the mildews, the pollenwe're constantly bringing these things into our home, on our clothes, we track them in on our feet, our pets, our children," he said.

The Environmental Protection Agency states a healthy reading during an air test should be around 50,000. George tested FOX 42 break room and the levels reached more than double that EPA standard, which would be considered unhealthy.

"You would have to wear a respirator and you would provide clean air just for yourself to breathe," said George, referring to the dirty air quality in the break room.

George said an alternative to breathing from a respirator could be a Filtropur air filter. He said it kills all the molds and mildews that would get stuck indoors from the spring weather.

"Instead of being up here on red alert all the time, it's down here where it has a little room to move before it creates this big allergic reaction that you have to get medication for," said George.

Midwest ARC offers consultations and distribution of the Filtropur filters. All consultations are free for testing and estimates. You can call Midwest ARC at 402-895-8133 or email the company at for more information. Midwest ARC is located in Omaha at 13221 C Street.

For those who have major allergy symptoms, George suggests rinsing your sinuses as soon as you are indoors. This will clear out the pollens and particles trapped on your nose hairs.