Ambulance Shooter Sentenced to 11 Years

OMAHA (KPTM)- A woman convicted of shooting a paramedic will spend at least nine-and-a-half years in prison, ordered a judge on Friday.

Justine Dubois was sentenced to 11 years for shooting an EMT in July 2013, and she would have to serve a minimum of nine and a half of those.

According to reports, Dubois was being searched for car theft on July 1st. Officers found drugs in her bra and put her in the cruiser.

While she was being taken downtown, Dubois began to act like she was having a seizure, according to police. She was transported to an ambulance, and that's when she shot paramedic, Brock Borhart.

"How did this gun get into the rescue squad? Obviously extremely close quarters and the firefighters are unprotected," said Douglas County Attorney, Don Kleine.

Dubois struck a plea deal with prosecutors. She plead guilty to having a gun, terroristic threats, use of a deadly weapon, and receiving stolen property in exchange for telling prosecutors how she got the gun.

According to her sister, Dubois hid the gun in the waste band of her pants, and told the officers she had drugs in her bra.

"I felt like this is what she needed," said Deana Tapia.

Tapia is Dubois' older sister. Tapia said she'd tried to help her sister, and was showing her tough love at the time when the shooting happened. "I hadn't heard from her in 2 weeks or so," said Tapia.

Dubois has not publicly apologized to the paramedics, but Tapia said she has told her she's remorseful.

"I'm just happy that everybody's okay," said Tapia.