American Red Cross Helps Hillsborough Fire Victims

Zach Revense

OMAHA (KPTM) - It's been a day since the fire at Hillsborough Apartments, and the Karri family doesn't know what will be left in their apartment.

"I just don't want to have to start completely over," said Tami Karri.

"But if we have to completely replace all of our clothes, and all of the toys, and all of the kitchen belongings, things like that. That's what would be timely and stressful."

Karri says she was lying in bed with her two daughters when the sirens went off. When she realized there she might be in danger, she looked out in the building hallway to.

Once everything was clear, she grabbed both her 7-year-old and 7-month-old and ran to safety.

"Immediately I just said it's at our apartment now. There's nothing you can do I just feel helpless, I guess."

The Karri's say the don't have renter's insurance. It was something they forgot to finish setting up.

They're trying to look at the bright side.

"It would've been a thousand times more devastating if someone had lost their lives. Or been seriously injured," said Tami Karri.

"Everybody got out safe. That's more than what we can ask for."

This is the second fire since December at this complex.

Sharon Palmer was a put out of her home in the first one.

"We're definitely moving," Palmer said.

"Two fires back to back; all the construction. The noise. The danger."

Sharon and the Karri's are grateful the safety net that has lent so much help.

"It's not just the financial aspect that the Red Cross does. I mean they're doing above and beyond."

The only thing Karri's say they know about the state of their apartment, is severe water damage.

The fire marshal's reported that smoking materials caused this fire, and the last one at Hillsborough.