Anti-Government Graffiti In Bellevue: Police Looking For Taggers

By: Melina MatthesMMatthes@kptm.comBELLEVUE (kptm) - New anti-government messages are popping up all over Bellevue in the form of graffiti. Now police are looking for the person responsible.Just a few days ago a fence in the Aspen Park neighborhood had the words "you aren't alone" spray painted on it. You can still see splotches of red paint where it once was. The person who removed it, however, wasn't with the city. It was a woman who's just days away from giving birth to her 4th child. She said whoever put the graffiti on her fence needs to be caught before they do it again."It's very frustrating. I wish people, who vandalized or do graffiti, recognize that it's somebody's home; somebody has to pay for the cost and the removal of what they've done. I mean they may think it's something simple, but for me for example, I'm pregnant, getting ready to have a baby, we spent the day removing the graffiti instead of painting out nursery," Blanca Iniguez said.Strange messages have been spray painted all over Bellevue within the last few days. Police want to know who's doing it."First I was kind of freaked out 'you're not alone.' I was like you aren't alone? I was wondering 'is someone watching my home?' Is somebodyI don't know. It was really kind of scary but then when I saw the Bellevue police Facebook page and I saw that it was more about the governmentI mean it made me feel better and the fact that maybe there's not some creepy person out there watching us."Investigators believe it might be the same person or group of people leaving the messages. All of the graffiti is in plain sight for anyone to see and nearly everyone has the same symbol. Iniguez said she hopes someone comes forward. "I think today's society we always kind of start, we get used to things and we turn the cheek, we need to stop doing that. What's right is right and what's wrong is wrong and when people do things they need to face the consequences of their actions, it's what we need to do today in today's society," Iniguez said.Many believe these criminals will be back. Investigators encourage everyone to be on the lookout. They say if you see anything suspicious, say something. Call 911 and an officer will be there immediately.If you know anything about these messages or know who is doing it, call Bellevue police at 402-293-3100."Like" Melina on Facebook and follow her on Twitter to stay connected.