App Helps Users Make Quick Cash from Old Clothing

OMAHA (KPTM)- Dropping hundreds of dollars on new clothing for school can put a big hit in your bank account. Now, there's a new way you can sell that old stuff that doesn't fit anymore. "I've sold about 12 listings but most of them have more than one item," said Kate Larsen. Larsen is gearing up for her freshman year at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. She said over the years, she's gathered quite a bit of clothing that won't fit into her small dorm room. "I just went shopping for all my clothes and dorm stuff," said Larsen. To help her ear some fast cash, Larsen has sold 20 different items on an app/website called 'Poshmark.' Users can upload photos of clothing to sell and buy other items from different users. "I've bought about five items," said Larsen. Larsen said she started using the app in May and has made $200 on her old clothing. "I'll save some of it," said Larsen. Shoppers can search for specific brand names, sizes, and bargain with sellers. Larsen said the shipping and return policy has been easy for her. "It's safe because you kind of worry about if the package will get there, if the user will be trusted," said Larsen. Larsen said she has 90 items for sale on Poshmark and hopes to get rid of them soon, so she doesn't have to squeeze them into her dorm room.