April Showers Bring Weeds: Tips To Kill Them And Keep Lawn Safe

Franque Thompson OMAHA (KPTM)- It's the time of year for weeds to start sprouting. More and more lawns are beginning to look yellow rather than green. Garden experts said the worst of the sprouting is yet to come. Mick Lustgraaf decided to go green, literally. He uses organic products to keep his yard healthy. He used to use regular weed kill. However, Lustgraaf said he found the harsh chemicals weren't necessarily killing the weeds, but rather his yard. To keep from the yellow pop ups, he also cuts his grass regularly because he knows the growth has only just begun. "The ground temperature is still rising. There's still a lot of weeds yet that we haven't seen yet. Once they pop up they're going to take over really quickly," said Jesse White, manager at Earl May Garden Center. White said pulling a weed from the ground isn't the best idea. It could actually cause the weed to spread. What you could do is take a picture of the weed. That way you can figure out what it is and find the right product to kill it. "If you just go out and say, I think, just grab the first chemical you see and don't talk to anybody, you may end up killing your whole yard," said White. He also said it's also important to pay attention to when you use the products. "Wait until you start to see multiple weeds start to pop up in your yard and then go ahead and do it. that's going to give you a broader kill," said White. Lustgraaf said going organic is what killed off his weed problem for good. "I don't have to use near as much of any weed thing to kill weeds in my yard because what it does is it makes the grass healthier," he said. If your grass and weeds are too tall you could pay for that. An Omaha city ordinance requires all property owners to keep their grass less than 12 inches high. If a complaint is filed about a property owner's land, inspectors from the city will come and survey the lawn and give a notice. If 10 days pass and the yard has not been cut, the inspector will give another notice. Crews will then be sent to the property to mow the lawn and the property owner is responsible for paying the crew for their work.