Arthritic Dog Name Foundation's Canine Hero

Nicole Ebat

OMAHA(FOX 42 NEWS)-- Doctors say getting up and moving is one of the best ways to prevent and alleviate symptoms of arthritis--and that advice isn't just for people.

Pets can suffer from the painful joint problems too, but there are alternative treatments for dogs too.

Eleven-year-old Sadie is a Shepherd/Husky mix and has always loved walks.

Thursday afternoon, it just happened to be underwater.

Besides arthritis, Sadie suffers from several diseases with some very long names.

"Before she came to see me, she was almost on death's door," said Dr. Michelle Beck, a Canine Rehabilitation Specialist at the Backlund Animal Clinic.

Sadie spend time on a lot of medication.

"She was just in excruciating pin and I didn't know it. She's very stoic, which a lot of dogs are, but she's particularly stoic," said Joei Hoffman, Sadie's loving owner.

Hoffman had been taking Sadie to a specialist, but she eventually decided to look into what else could help.

Now Sadie is undergoing acupuncture, laser therapy and underwater walking treatments.

"She went from barely functioning and being in extraordinary pain most of the time and just not wanting to do much," said Hoffman. "Now she's just like a puppy again, I had someone think she was a 6-month-old puppy the other day."

That turnaround happened in just a year.

Now, the Arthritis Foundation has named Sadie its Canine Hero.

"One of the best ways to alleviate pains of arthritis is to keep moving," said Andrea Milton, an event specialist with the foundation. "A lot of people think 'I'm hurting, so I'm going to sit, I'm not going to do anything'. Well, when they hear that their dog arthritis and needs to move, people are more apt to get up and walk with their dog because their dog needs that exercise and in turn it will help them."

The Arthritis Foundation is holding a walk to build awareness and raise money for arthritis and similar diseases.

The walk is Saturday, May 18th at 10 am at Stinson Park in Aksarben Village.

Registration begins at 8 am with entertainment, food and awards at 11:30.