Authorities Recommend Cursing Toddler Be Placed With Mother

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - The 17-year-old mother of the cussing toddler in a viral video will be able to stay with her child.

The judge said she could live with the little boy but only in foster care. Last week authorities took the toddler from her.

In a Douglas county juvenile court, the judge granted the mother permission to be with her child, but only under supervisory conditions.

If she doesn't obey the rules laid out in court, she could lose parental rights.

The mother and 2-year-old boy were among four children placed in foster care after concerns over the video.

Authorities said they believed the children in the home were at risk, but the video wasn't the only reason the children were taken away.

Investigators said they also found weapons in the home and that known gang members visited frequently. "Some of the danger that we'd seen previously was the history of gang involvement. There was a shooting involved that in fact one of the children was injured by shrapnel from shots fired, those were the most important things that we were concerned about," Douglas county attorney, Don Kleine said.

"I mean there may have been mistakes made, that's not for me or anyone else to judge but it's still a family and it's been taken apart right now because of this video which to me is very unfair," community activist, Robert Wagner said.

Klein said authorities separated the family because the children's safety was at risk, "our goal isn't to terminate parental rights for parents. It's to help them be better parents, to ensure that they're being better parents, but if they're not certainly there are many cases that we resolve by having to terminate parental rights, so the take away is here's intervention in this case to look out for the best interest and safety of these children," Kleine said.

"I'm hoping ultimately she gets her kids back," Wagner said.

Kleine said his goal is to get everyone in the family back together. One step the judge ordered to get to that goal is to have the family go through therapy to work through their problems.

While officials review the case the children will stay where they are currently placed.

This case will be looked at again on January 29th.