Baby Shower for Moms In Need

OMAHA (KPTM)- Hundreds of baby items were donated Sunday to help mothers in need.

People packed the Lydia House with diapers, car seats, and everything in between.

"Such a relief from being homeless, and having absolutely nothing, to having everything that we need and people we can depend on," said Gabriela Herrera.

Herrera gave birth to Delila on December 1st. She and Dustin Hollenbeck have been staying at the Lydia House for five months.

Before that, Gabriela said she was homeless and pregnant. "Oh my gosh, I was devastated. I was scared, I was scared for the baby."

The baby shower at the Lydia House Sunday was all about helping mothers like Gabriela.

"Some people take for granted, some things can be expensive and not all moms can afford the nice things for their babies," said Karen Snow, a volunteer.

Tables were piled high with blankets, diapers, car seats, and much more.

"We're always going to tell her where she was born at," said Gabriela. "Where she came home from the hospital to, because it was because of this place that we're together."

Click here to donate to the Lydia House.