Ban The Box Bill Returns To NE State Legislature

Paul Gutierrez

LINCOLN (KPTM) - Another effort is underway at the Nebraska state capitol to "ban the box" on employment applications.

LB 932, introduced by Sen. Bill Avery of Lincoln, would eliminate the criminal history question. Supporters argue it's necessary because it gives every qualified candidate an equal chance at a job.

"Removing the box gives people from all walks of life an opportunity to be in front of an employer and state their case about what they've done and how they've prepared themselves," said Willie Barney, president and founder of the Empowerment Network.

Some taxpayers FOX 42 News spoke to Tuesday expressed fear that banning the box could lead to safety issues for employers and customers alike.

"I think it's a bad idea," said an Omaha resident at the Old Market. "It makes sense that an employer would want to know that kind of information."

The push to "ban the box," however, is moving forward. It was also brought up in previous legislative sessions last year and in 2010. It would not apply to private employers and sensitive jobs like law enforcement, if passed.

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert's office confirmed Tuesday that the mayor is also in favor of banning the box on applications.