Bar Dedicated To Soccer Opens Just In Time For World Cup

By: Melina MatthesMMatthes@kptm.comOMAHA (kptm) - While baseball fans are flocking to TD Ameritrade Park for the College World Series, soccer fans are heading to the TV to watch the World Cup in Brazil. Fox 42 News spoke with people at Omaha's newest sports bar that's dedicated to soccer to find out what you need to know as the games start. "It's the World Cup. It's the cathedral of football or soccer for soccer fans. It's a once in every four years' experience and it brings all kinds of people together. It's a blast," bar manager, Dylan Thaemert said. People in Omaha are heading in masses to Omaha's newest sports bar in Benson and they say St. Andrews is the only place to watch the World Cup. "I love Benson so it was nice that they got a soccer bar open just in time for the World Cup and this is the first time here since they opened and it feels really great. The crowd is amazing," patron, Jenny Smith said. And bar goers said before you head inside, there are a few terms you should know. "Nil, nil. The field is not called a field, it's called a pitch. Off sides is a huge thing, it's not off sides like in NFL football. Nutmeg is when you pass the ball through another guys legs. Bicycle kick, well I could perform one, but not really good, but it's when you turn upside down and your backs to the ground and your foot goes over," soccer fan, Marty Thornton said. But not everyone knows the definitions "Offside? When someone says something to another person off the field?" "Nutmeg? Ya like the spiceum Iit's like help me out here I have no idea." "Sweeper? Maybe in front of the goal? Preventing people from getting the ball in, but not the goalie?" However, if you don't know the terms, it's not a big deal. Patrons said they'll teach you. "There's certain little things you can learn pretty easy just by watching the World Cup in a few days, you'll learn. It's the greatest tournament in the world and it only happens every four years." St. Andrews pub is located in Benson where Beercade was previously located on the corner of 61st and Maple.