Bars Pay Extra Fees For Extra Hours And Liquor Sales

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- Cheerful people lined up to get a head start inside their favorite bar for the holiday. However, Omaha's city code doesn't allow Sunday morning liquor sales. So local bars paid for permits to have their doors open as early as 6 AM, so guests could their party started early.

"It turned out really well this year. People really appreciated the Bloody Mary's and Irish coffees to get their St. Patrick's Day started," said Patrick Vondra, manager of Clancy's and Kiltz.

The permits also helped businesses extend its beer gardens.

"We're packed out there and people seem to be enjoying it. And it's definitely helping the overflow," said Dan Bosiljevac, owner of Marylebone Tavern.

Only 23 bars in Omaha bought those permits--and for many of the companies, it was a good investment.

"I did not expect this today. I thought that it would be yesterday and so this is an absolute bonus," said Katie O'Connor, owner of O'Connor's Irish Pub.

"Permits were definitely worth it. Especially as an extra value to our guests which that's really who we're all about," said Vondra.

"It was worth $100 that I had to pay to get it invested," said Bosiljevac.

Bars and restaurants outside of Omaha don't have Sunday morning liquor restrictions.