Bed Bugs Lead Family To Throw Away Nearly Everything They Own

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- Another case of bed bugs in Omaha has one family throwing nearly everything they own away.

William Reynolds and his family were in the process of moving, after being evicted, when he noticed his wife and son had bug bites. He said he wasn't sure where the bites came from. So he searched their apartment and found the answer--live bed bugs.

"It's bad infested from what I seen on the bassinet," said Reynolds. "We threw the stuff away, we didn't even mess with it. It was that nasty and gross."

Reynolds said he's not the only one that's dealt with bed bugs at Frontier Apartments. He said his sister and a neighbor moved out because of their issues with bed bugs.

"There's probably people here that do have bed bugs but they probably don't realize that they have them yet. Because not everyone has experienced these bugs," said Reynolds.

He blames the complex's old age and lack of sanitation for the bug problem--giving them more reason to leave. Now he said, though he's being evicted, he shouldn't have to pay the rest of his rent after dealing with the problem.

"Especially for the money that we have to replace for all the mattresses and all the kids mattresses--all the cleaning again and all the clothes, all the blankets. Everything," he said.

Reynolds said throwing their belongings away was the easy thing to do. But replacing them will be the hard part.

"It's gonna cost probably a little bit of money that I aint even got to replace--with five kids and a wife and me the only one bringing in money at the moment," said Reynolds.

Frontier Apartments declined to comment.

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