Bed Bugs Still Causing Stir In Omaha

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - A recent list released by Orkin shows Omaha is still battling quite the bed bug problem.

The city ranked 37th on the company's register for worst bed bug cities in the country. It's the fourth time since 2011 Omaha has made the list and experts predict getting rid of the pests won't come easy.

"They're great hitchhikers," said Ben Sandoval, a bed bug hunter at Pine Tower Apartments. "They'll attach to a new host automatically."

Sandoval told FOX 42 News in December that bed bugs like to hide out in dark and compressed places, such as cracks and crevices in bed frames.

"A lot of times you'll find them where any kind of wood meets up with each other," said Sandoval.

It's an issue Hannah Wyble is all too familiar with. As someone who has dedicated her life to helping lower-income families get rid of bed bugs, she's seen the worst of the worst.

"When we go into an apartment complex it's not just one family that has them it's all 30 units that have them," said Wyble, leader of the organization called Restoring Dignity.

Wyble recommends to anyone trying to get rid of bed bugs to use a hot steamer and a can of bed bug killer to stop them dead in their tracks.

"Bed bugs hate intense heat and the Diatomaceous earth used in bed bug killers cut them open and dehydrate them."

Dry cleaning can sometimes also do the trick.

"My machines have oil plus heat," said Joseph Choi, the owner of a local dry cleaning business. "If there's a germ inside the oil can help get rid of any germs."

Orkin's list also revealed Omaha's neighbors are facing similar problems. Lincoln came in at number 39 on the register and Kansas City, Missouri rounded out the top 50.