Beef and Pork Prices on the Rise

OMAHA (KPTM) - The prices of beef and pork are expected to rise through the spring and summer due to a national shortage, according to experts.

A national survey found that the United States has the lowest amount of cattle in 63 years, which is causing prices to rise.

"Brisket is one of our most popular meats, but it's also the most expensive meat that we have," said Ben Vest, of Doc & Eddies BBQ in Omaha.

Vest said the price of beef has increased drastically over the last couple months, and the size of the briskets that they are receiving has decreased.

"Beef has been the worst," said Vest.

Experts said a hog virus that has wiped out herds of newborn pigs has caused pork prices to rise.

"As far as pork goes, it's been going up a little bit and they expect it to keep going up," said Vest.

Experts said the cost of pork is up 4.5 percent from last year, and the price of bacon is up eight percent, according to Harvest Public Media.

"Everything on our (menu) is meat or meat related," said Vest.

Vest said the price increases have hurt the small business when it comes to keeping a steady supply and price.

"We can only smoke a certain amount each day and we run out almost every day," said Vest.

Doc & Eddies BBQ has been open for seven years, and prices have been increased three times, said Vest.

Vest said the price increases have been small, but the rising cost of meat hasn't been. "Let's say brisket, it's $1.50 a pound, but we're only getting a half a pound of that (when it's cooked)," said Vest.

Vest said the only thing he hopes to see rise in the restaurant is smoke.