Bellevue Opens New Bike Lane

BELLEVUE (KPTM)- More than one hundred cyclists took the streets of Bellevue Monday to celebrate the grand opening of a bike lane on Fort Crook Road.

"When you see a bike lane when you're driving-it's kind of exciting," said Rick Sanders.

Bellevue city officials said the project took about two years, and cost $267,500; grants and donations covered all but $40,000 of the total cost.

Sanders said, more people are commuting on bikes to work, so it's a good investment for the city. "I don't think gas is ever going to fall, energy costs will remain high. You have the environmental aspect as well."

In downtown Omaha, it's illegal for cyclists to ride on the sidewalk, and studies have shown that it's safer for bikers to ride in the street. "You feel safer in a bike lane," said Sanders.

Bellevue city officials said there are no plans in the works for other separate bike lanes, but they are planning on adding more shared lanes on typical streets commuters take to work.