Bellevue School Buses Get New Cameras, Parents Grateful

Paul Gutierrez

BELLEVUE (FOX42KPTM) - New technology might now make it easier for your child to get to and from school. It comes in the form of high definition cameras the Bellevue School District is now adding to its buses.

"Last year, we recorded more than 160 incidents of drivers blowing by the stop signs on our buses," said Rich Casey, the district's transportation director. "The cameras that we're getting will help promote safety and make people aware."

Technology experts with Radio Engineering Industries (REI) have already installed the cameras on a number of buses. Staffers told FOX 42 News Friday the cutting edge equipment comes with better picture quality.

"We're able to catch license plates coming, going as well as up to four lanes of traffic," said Curtiss Routh, vice president of sales for the company.

The cameras are also designed to offer peace of mind for families.

"As a human you can only catch so much, but with the new technology it's a great support system," said Joe Gombas, a school bus driver and parent of a middle school student.

It's a support system Bellevue police will get involved with. It can now issue citations to anyone caught on video endangering lives.

The department told FOX 42 News the penalty for running a school bus stop sign is a fine of $500 and three points off your driver's license.

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