Sidewalks Sideline Child with Disabilities from Walking to School

BELLEVUE (KPTM)- A Bellevue family that is struggling with health issues now has more issues to deal with. 8-year-old James Nolan just got out of the hospital. He suffers from a variety of medical issues including craniostenosis, hypertelorism and encephalocele. He has been making progress though. He starting taking his first steps a few years ago, but now he is able to walk on his own.

James Nolan was hoping to walk to school this year, but sidewalks near his school are getting in the way.

"Kind of evaluating, wow, that's not going to be good for him. Wow, that's a minefield right there," Joseph Nolan said.

Nolan's school is about a mile away from his home near 20th and Hancock. Part of Nolan's route comes across uneven concrete. Nolan's dad said it throws him off.

"They're fine for you and me and anyone else walking."

Bellevue City Councilwoman Carol Blood said the city is working on getting sidewalks ADA compliable, but that the work is expensive. Jeff Roberts, with Bellevue Public works, said the city has already spent $850,000 since 2010. The whole project is almost finished, with the exception of a few spots.

Joseph Nolan hopes grant money can help the cause. He plans on calling code enforcement if the problem isn't fixed. He hopes homeowners would then be required to fix their own sidewalks.

"I know it's asking for quite a lot."

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