UPDATE: Missing Bellevue Teen Found

UPDATE: Thursday evening Bellevue Police said that Michaela Wells was located at a home in Indianapolis. She is safe, in good health and is in police custody. Police are still looking into her disappearance. Police said Wells told the FBI she was with a male juvenile and left her home on her own free will. She is currently in the custody of the Indiana Division of Family and Children. Bellevue Police and FBI are working to return her back to Nebraska.

By: Leah Uko

BELLEVUE, NE (KPTM) - Family members of a 16-year-old girl said they haven't seen her since she took the garbage out Sunday night.

Theresa Norris sat at her kitchen table in her Bellevue home on Tuesday torn between denial, hope, optimism and stress as she thought about the possibilities of her daughter's whereabouts.

"Maybe she, you know, went and realize she, you know, forgot to tell us and now she's in trouble, she's going to get grounded for a month, you know, she's going to lay low," Norris told FOX 42's Leah Uko.

Norris took phone calls from people inquiring about her missing daughter, Michaela Wells.

"Through all the calls there's nothing still. Not a single clue, not a single hint. She's just vanished," Norris stopped short of crying. "She's just gone."

The Bellevue Police Department describes Wells as a white female, 5'6" tall, 120 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair. It added that she was last seen wearing blue jeans, a black tank top with a teal hooded sweatshirt, black slip on shoes and a red coat at 8:37 p.m. on Sunday, March 2nd when she stepped out of the house to take the trash out. Family said they noticed after 15 to 20 minutes that Wells had not come back inside.

Norris said she and her husband waited on calling the police because they hoped and thought she was out with friends or her new boyfriend. When Wells still hadn't returned home Monday night, they decided to file a missing person report.

"As far as we know and everything, she wasn't planning to go anywhere. She was just planning to take the trash out and come back."

Wells was entered into the state and national crime database as a missing juvenile on Monday, March 3rd.

Though Wells is pictured on Facebook wearing a sash that reads "Miss Nebraska Teen" she is not Miss Nebraska Teen USA. Wells currently holds the title of USA National Miss Teen Nebraska. This should not be confused with Miss Nebraska Teen USA.

Police said there is no evidence indicating Wells left her home against her will. They have also ruled out foul play and are continuing to investigate Wells as a missing juvenile.

Bellevue Police clarified that a Facebook statement which read "The police has ruled out the possibility of Michaela running away" was not made by Bellevue PD.

Norris said running away was out of her daughter's character especially because Wells left her cell phone and wallet at home.

Investigators confiscated Wells' phone and Xbox to search and determine whether she had plans of running away.

Norris said if she found out her daughter did simply leave with friends, she would not be angry.

"Right now, I'll take it. I'll take that. Because if she's out with friends it means she's safe. It means that nothing bad has happened to her, you know, she would be with friends," Norris continued. "I'll take that. I'll take her walking through that door when ever and saying 'Mom I'm home' and have her be safe and whole and home where we can hold her."

Anyone with information about Michaela Wells' whereabouts is asked to contact the Bellevue Police Department at (402) 293-3100.