Bennington Woman Fights Cancer While Pregnant

Meghan McRoberts

BENNINGTON (KPTM)- Imagine getting the best news a mom can hear to only get the worst news a woman can hear weeks later.

One Bennington woman found out she was pregnant 2 weeks before she found out she has breast cancer.

Amy Wilmeth and her husband Eric are proud parents to three kids, with one more on the way.

After being married 14 years, they figured they'd gone through many of life's challenges together already. But, in March of 2011, Amy found out she had breast cancer.

Eric explained, " The doctors did the initial biopsy and said there's little chance that this is anything, probably just a cyst or something. Kind of came into in not expecting to hear cancer."

Amy tackled the cancer with 5 surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments.

She went in for her final surgery a couple months ago, but a surprise pregnancy delayed it.

Amy said it was a pleasant surprise. "No idea at all, I mean, we thought about having kids later but we were waiting until surgery was done and everything, but God had other plans and it was time for a baby," Amy said.

Amy said everyone though the cancer was gone, but she did notice an unusual rash that she had the doctors check on the same day.

Two weeks later, tests showed the cancer was back.

"I was amazed at Amy on that day, she was just like okay, and moving on with it and I was a little bit of a mess on that day myself," Eric said.

Pregnant with cancer, and Eric had recently been put on furlough from his job. He was laid off but still has benefits.

After being dealt a tough hand, the Wilmeths say their faith keeps them strong.

"You' re trusting in God. You know He will work things out and it will all be for the good in the end."

Now Amy is 13 weeks pregnant and about to start chemotherapy for the second time.

Friends of the family have put together a benefit for Amy.

A spaghetti fundraiser is being held on Sunday, December 2nd from 11am to 3pm and Bennington High School.

There will also be a silent auction.

You can buy tickets in advance at

You can also buy tickets at the door.

Tickets in advance run $8 for adults, $4 for children or $25 for a family.

Tickets at the door are $10 per adult, $5 for children, or $30 per family.