Big Fish Caught in Nebraska

Curt Casper

SPRINGFIELD (FOX42) - It weighs in at 23 pounds but itslength is what the Nebraska Games and Park are excited about. Taylor Foral, onthe banks of the Platte River caught a 55 and a half-inch long-nosed garSaturday evening. The fish breaks the species state record dating back to 1991.

"Fish like that don't come around everyday," Foral said.

Foral has been fishing for 25 years but he has never caughta fish this big. He tells Fox 42 News he was inside eating while the line wascast into the river. When they came back out around 9:00 PM (CDT) the fish wascaught.

"We had fun and it was a good time and it is something Iwill never forget," he said.

Foral said the fish died before it could be stuffed andmounted. He tells Fox 42 News he plans to eat it instead.

Foral joins 12 other people from the Omaha area tohold state fishing records. The largest fish caught in the state was a100-pound Blue Catfish caught by Raynold Promes of Whynot, Nebraska in 1970.