Blind Cat Wins National Award

Maureen Wurtz

OMAHA (KPTM)- He has millions of view on YouTube and just won a national Internet award.

The catch, he has four legs and no eyes.

Oskar the cat may be blind, but that hasn't stopped him from heading straight to the top.

Oskar's ears follow what his eyes can't see. "Everybody wants a perfect animal, it's hard to get more perfect than Oskar," said Mick Szydlowski.

A perfect pet, born with a condition called 'microphthalmia.'

It's a condition where eyes are underdeveloped. "We knew there were going to be challenges," said Bethany Szydlowski. "We thought is he going to be able to find his litter box? Is Klaus going to like him?"

The Szydlowski's fear was proven unnecessary by their little cat, who learned his way around the house in one week. "When you feel like you should do the right thing, and the moment comes up, you just have to do it," said Mick.

They adopted Oskar when he was eight weeks old. "The attention you give the animal, you get it back tenfold," said Mick.

What the Szydlowski's also received was a 'Friskie' for the 'Best New Internet Cat Video of 2012.' The statue came with a year's supply of cat food and $15,000.

"A cool thing is that Omaha's the place where the little kitten-the little farm cat-because a city slicker, and then an international celebrity," said Mick, with a laugh.

For Oskar, it's all about the advantages and adventures ahead. "Oskar's young," joked Mick. "He's a young movie star. He's about like Drew Barrymore in 'Firestarter,' so he's going to make a lot of videos whether you want them or not."

His first YouTube video has 4 million hits, so it's safe to say, Oskar will be around for a long time.