Blowing Snow Just As Dangerous As Snow Storm

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - We all know when the snow flies it can present challenges for drivers, but the danger of blowing snow can be just as real.

"It can get pretty bad as far as not being able to see the car in front of you," said Felipe Vargas, an assistant manager at Dingman's Collision Center.

If you thought Tuesday's storm was bad, just wait until gusts of wind pick up because if you don't have the right windshield wipers you could be in for a world of hurt.

"Instead of wiping all of the snow off the windshield, bad wiper blades are instead going to smear the stuff all over the windshield," said Vargas.

What doesn't smear can also freeze over time, including those wiper blades.

"When it comes to colder temperatures the rubber tends to get harder, so it's more difficult to clean a mess up," said Vargas.

In addition to having good windshield wipers, experts also recommend that you remove any snow from headlights and taillights. That way drivers around you can see you with ease.

"That's especially a good idea when you get to dark areas where there's no lighting."

It's a simple step experts say will increase your odds of staying out of harm's way.