Mechanic: Snow in the Forecast Doesn't Mean You Can Skip the Car Wash

OMAHA(KPTM)-The salt mixture used on the roads may make them less slick, but one mechanic says it can also cause parts of your car to corrode. And the damage may not be limited to the cosmetic.

That's according to Jim Champion, owner of Charlie Graham Body and Service. Champion says he's seen a lot of rusted door jambs and wheel wells in his day, but he's more worried about the kind you don't see. "Your spare underneath the vehicle is mounted to a little cable like that. A metal cable that will rust out over time and if that comes out, that's just like a missile going down the interstate, that could really go through someone's windshield and kill somebody,"said Champion.

And it's not just the cable that secures the spare tire that's vulnerable. "Just about every part underneath a vehicle, I've seen corrode to the point we had to replace it. Gas lines, fuel lines, brake lines, exhaust of course, suspension, everything," said Champion who says the best way to prevent rust is to wash your car at least once a week, especially after the roads have been treated .

"Most people think that's a waste of time, it's going to get dirty again but it's not a waste of time or money. You need to get that off continually all winter long to avoid the problem," said Champion.