Boston Bombing: Nebraska Runners Return Home, Plan Not to Return

Curt Casper

OMAHA (KPTM) - A few more runners who were in Boston duringthe bombings on Monday returned home on Wednesday. While a few of the runnerswill not be returning to the race, they tell Fox 42 News they are just glad toget their lives back to normal.

After a long flight home Shawn Palandri was just glad to beback in Nebraska.

"I had no idea it was part of a much bigger event that wasunfolding," he said.

Palandri had just finished the race and was walking back tohis hotel when he saw unmarked police cars flying by him. At the time, hedidn't realize what was going on. But when he got back to the hotel he saw theimages of the two bombs exploding next to the finish line.

"It was incredibly surreal, I had just left that finish lineto a completely different scene," he said.

Al Koontz was also returning home on Wednesday after runningthe Boston Marathon. He had finished the race only 40 minutes before theblasts.

"It was a beautiful day that ends in tragedy," Koontz said.

He tells Fox 42 News he has done his time in Boston butdoesn't plan to go back again.

"We were okay and the people I know were okay but sad forthe people of Boston and the people that were affected," Koontz said.

Both runners hope returning back to Nebraska will help gettheir lives back to normal after the tragic events of the Boston Bombing.

"Back to my routine," Palandri said, "I honestly thinkafter going through such an emotional roller coaster the most sensible thing isto go back to a routine that you know and it will help you take the next stepsforward."