Boston Marathon Runner Recalls This Year's Event

Paul GutierrezOMAHA (KPTM) - Despite last year's bombing at the Boston Marathon, local engineer Daren Konda was determined to go back this year and complete the race no matter what."To be one of the finishers and to be successful at the event was an incredible feeling," said Konda. "It still is an incredible feeling."Joined by his wife and a few close friends, Konda received a medal for his finish at this year's marathon. It's something he says he'll cherish forever."It's kind of a real sense of accomplishment both for me personally and for the City of Boston."That sense of accomplishment was spoiled last year when a pair of explosions killed three people and injured 264 more. Daren says things were different this year as signs of hope and encouragement lined the race path."One guy was holding up a Boston Strong sign and numerous people would go by and give that sign a high five," recalled Konda.Spirits of the roughly 36,000 people who raced that day were also up."To go from something that could have either not happened this year or been really restrictive, instead they opened the event up to more individuals and gave more individuals the opportunity to complete the event."It's the kind of warm reception Daren believes will help the city and the country stay strong.