Boxing Gym Gets Beat Up by Thugs

Curt Casper

OMAHA (KPTM) - Victory Boxing Club in South Omaha has amission of helping students get off the street and into boxing.

But recently, they were a victim of tagging and a burglary.It could cost the already cash-strapped gym thousands of dollars in repair.

Last week, someone jumped a fence and cut opener it's airconditioner. The thieves took hundreds of dollars worth in copper wiring. Theyleft the air conditioner broken and in need of repair.

This came after graffiti was put mark on the west side ofthe building. Some of the graffiti was derogatory.

Victory Boxing Club head coach, John Determan said, "It hurtmy heart a little bit when you see this. It hurts the heart of a lot of thefighters who come here and a lot of kids that come to the club because this istheir home away from home."

Boxer Brandon Ariza said, "For us to train and compete andput in the work, I just don't know why anyone would do that on a building thatdoes nothing but good."

Determan said he has a few ideas as to who tagged the gym.No arrests have been made in either crime.

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