Boy Scouts Pick Up Christmas Trees for Recycling

Nicole Ebat

OMAHA(KPTM)--Christmas trees are fun to look at. At least until it's time to haul them to the trash.

Thankfully some boyscouts are helping people out.

Troops 282 and 558 are doing curbside pickup of Christmas trees.

It covers areas west of 72nd street, including Gretna and Elkhorn.

Just give the troops a call at 402-965-1458 or visit the web site to make a request and the scouts will be at your house and ready to load up your leftover tree.

"It's cold out here, but it warms your heart," said Dillon Shores, a scout leader helping out Monday.

The boys will even leave a little thank you note.

"For leaving the tree to help a community out," said Shores.

After the tree leaves the curb, it gets dropped off at a recycling site near 156th and F Streets.

The city will pick it up from there.

Gathering all the trees started 15 years ago with one goal in mind.

"The whole thing started to keep the trees out of the landfill," said Wally Farley who started the project. He said once a landfill is covered with dirt, the trees are there to stay. "They become mulch for the park service, the primary purpose is not in the landfill and that's exactly what we're trying to do."

The scouts say helping the environment is definitely an extra perk to the job.

"They use them for community parks to walk on and for fish habitat," said Shores. "The fish like it because, of course, they're fish."

The scouts say they picked up 1,300 trees last year and are hoping on picking up at least 1,500 this year.

Tree pick up will continue on January 1st, 5-6 and 12-13. Trees should be in your front yard by 9 on the morning you schedule for pickup.