Another Shooting in North Omaha

OMAHA (KPTM) - Police are investigating what they're calling a "rolling gun battle" near 37th and Ames.

One man was shot and is in critical condition as of Sunday night.

The shooting happened near North High School, and is only blocks away from where a 17-year old woman, Devina Johnson, was murdered Saturday night.

Radio broadcasts shortly before 4:00 PM on Sunday reported a serious car crash near 37th and Ames at the same time shots were fired.

Police have not confirmed that the two incidents are related.

Another shooting happened Sunday night around 8 near 31st and Larrimore. Neighbors say they saw a car drive by and fire 5 or 6 gun shots. No one was hurt in this incident, but it was the 3rd shooting in just 24 hours.

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