Postal Service Changes Delivery To Businesses

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - If you own a business in the Old Market, Benson or Papillion, the way you get your mail will soon change.

The post office says it will no longer deliver door-to-door.

"We're a small business, we're not a large business, we can not take a hit like that and lose more time to go pick up my mail."

Ana Brito is the owner of Fast Alterations in Benson. For the past few weeks she's been fighting construction in front of her business. Now she's battling to keep her mail. "I'm kind of upset, very upset, you know? I didn't expect the construction, the mud, the delay and now my mail. I don't know what's going to be next."

The post office says it's stopping delivery at her business, something that won't be easy for Brito. "They're not only bring me you know letters, boxesthey bring me friendship. They always give me a good morning, how are you, how's the business, I mean it's more than just the's more I think like a friendship for 10 years."

The post office says it wants to have businesses pick up their mail at a centralized spot. The carriers will no longer go door to door. They'll go corner to corner. They say it'll save money, time and gasoline. "I am completely convinced that we need to shave some time off these routes because we don't have the business we used to have. That is not even in question. When I go home I check my e-mail. That's the first thing I do and I'm a mailman," Letter carrier, Russell Fulton says.

The post office says it currently costs them $353 per year per business to deliver mail door to door. The cluster mailboxes will save them approximately $200 per company. "Some of these businesses that I have, wait for their mail to start their day."

Fulton's been delivering letters for nearly 34 years. "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night" bothered him. But, he says what's really going to bother him now will be the loss of friendship that he's gained over the years. "Of course the interaction with the customers, I think you would find that veteran carriers like me kind of migrate, social people come down to these business routes to interact with the businesses and I kind of would miss that."

The post office says businesses in the Old Market, Benson and Papillion should expect the change to take place by the end of summer.

They say eventually all businesses in Omaha will be effected.