Busy and Dangerous Day For One Tow Truck Driver

OMAHA (KPTM)- "It will take a while to get to the next accident," said Shane Hoeft who drove his Arrow Towing Service truck through the thick of the storm on Thursday.

He spent the day pulling chains in the wet snow and towing vehicles from West Omaha to Council Bluffs.

"People don't slow down to let us do our job safely," said Hoeft.

When he was on Interstate 80, rescuing a truck with a plow attached to it, the danger factor of his job kicked in.

"Being wet and laying on the Interstate and constantly looking over your shoulder, you don't want to get hit. People don't move over and there is no reason for it. It's dangerous."

Hoeft's advice for drivers is simple.

"Slow down, don't be in a rush. You'll get there, but you'll be in a better place when you get there. You're not going to get towed from someone like me and you won't be taking a ride to a hospital."