Teen Tried Carjacking, But Couldn't Drive a Stick, Omaha Police Say

OMAHA (KPTM) - Omaha Police have aperson in custody after a carjacking Thursday morning.

Police said 17-year-Old Mganga Mganga came up to a woman's car near 50th andCharles around 7 a.m. and pulled her out of it. Her son was with her.

"When I looked out the windowthis morning she was hollering," the woman's husband, Theo Peters, said.

Peters said he looked out thewindow when he heard his wife scream that Mganga had a gun. For about 15 minutes, Peters said he watched the teen struggleto drive off in the Dodge Caliber.

"He looked and you could seethe car lights coming on. He tried to crank the car, but it wouldn't gonowhere."

According to police, Mganga did not know how to drive a stick shift.

When police arrived, they said Mgangahopped out of the car and ran away. Police said they chased him and caught him.They said he threw a gun in the area while running.

No one was hurt.

Peters said he and his wife saw Mganga walking around the neighborhoodWednesday. His wife thought it was suspicious, but Peters said he thought theteen was just waiting for someone to pick him up.

Mganga was charged as an adult forrobbery.

Police said Mganga has been involvedin robberies before.

On October 21st, policesaid Mganga walked into Dragon's lair located at 8316 Blondo Street andpretended to buy merchandise. The clerk told police Mganga pointed a knife athim and ran out the comic book store with the merchandise.

According to police reports, onJanuary 7th and 13th, Mganga committed the same crime atthe Game Stop near 72nd and Dodge.