Car Rollover Crushes Woman in Snow Storm

Meghan McRoberts


A woman is dead after her car slid down her driveway, rolled over, and trapped her underneath Thursday afternoon.

Police tell us Barbara Glaser's car was stuck in the snow. She parked it, turned it off, and stepped out. Shortly after, the car began to slide because of the steep incline of the driveway. She died at the scene.

Glaser worked for 35 years at the Douglas County Corrections Center. Her co- workers describe her as a "pioneer" in creating beneficial programs for inmates. They say she touched tens of thousands of families with her work.

"She just believed that everybody could be something different than what they've been," Coworker Michael Myers said.

Myers said she took on the task of developing a library for inmates and bringing in volunteers to teach them important skills to get them back on track.

Glaser was recently recognized at the jail's longest serving employee. She was also one of the first female corrections officers at the facility.

Myers says it was a solemn day at work Friday. "The jail is a sad place today, and it wasn't as sad yesterday as it is today."

The jail has its flag at half-staff. Officials said they hope to make arrangements for a permanent memorial of Glaser at some point.

Corrections Director Mark Foxall said Glaser is going to be hard to replace. "She had tremendous patience and she had a huge heart," Foxall described.

Myers said inmates are also saddened. "It says a lot when I had a lot of inmates coming up to me and saying the wanted to make cards. They wanted to have memorial services in the housing unit," Myers said.

Glaser was going to retire next year.

Her funeral is Wednesday at 1pm in Glenwood.