Car Thefts Trouble Omaha Neighborhood

OMAHA (KPTM)- Oneneighborhood in South Central Omaha has been seeing more car thefts than anyother spot in the metro.

People in the area near 41st and S Street said it'sbecoming a big problem.

"It's really scary, because it used to be- we didn't evenhave to lock our door," said Jackie Triplett.

Triplett's daughter saw her son's car stolen in the middleof the day. Triplett said her daughter and boyfriend were at home when they sawa man walk around the vehicle. She saidthe man told the her daughter's boyfriend the car was being repossessed. When her daughter's boyfriend ran into herhouse, the man had already broken in.

"She sees the guy getting into the passenger side, and hejumps into the driver's seat and takes off," said Triplett.

There have been nearly 15 car thefts within 2 miles ofTriplett's home in the last two weeks from Monday, according

"You hardly heard of anything happening around here, and it'sjust been within the last couple years," said Triplett.

Triplett said she'll continue to keep an eye out so theparked cars will stay on the street and out of the hands of thieves.

"They won't win," said Triplett.