Carjacking lands the Jacker in the Hospital, Omaha Police Say

OMAHA (KPTM)- Acarjacking in Omaha ends with a person in the hospital and a person underarrest, and Omaha Police said they are the same person.

Police said one woman was forced out of her car earlyWednesday morning at the Walmart parking lot near 132nd and Lstreets.

"I was just sitting in my car waiting for time to go bybefore I could go to work," said Anita Campos-Ramirez. "He opens the door,starts hollering at me, and I thought it was one of the guys joking aroundscaring me."

Campos-Ramirez said she quickly realized it was no joke. "Hegrabbed me by my arm and said get out of the car b---- and threw me on theground and took off with my car. I was laying there thinking, what justhappened?"

She said the man took off in her car as she calledpolice.

Police said they found her car around 9 a.m. near 50th and L streets after ashort pursuit. Omaha Police said the man who carjacked the car lost control,hit a ramp, and slid down a hill and totaled Campos-Ramirez's car.

"I just had an accident in the first part of March, and justgot this car," said Campos-Ramirez.

Police said the man was taken to the hospital with seriousinjuries.

Police said charges are pending.