Changes Possible To NE DUI Interlock Law

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - Nebraska lawmakers are looking at tweaking a DUI law aimed at punishing offenders who drive without a court-ordered interlock system.

That law currently requires the breath-testing device to be mounted on the dashboard. Under the changes, those caught without one and driving sober would only face a misdemeanor charge as opposed to a felony charge.

For Keith Callaway, who lost four friends known as the Fallen Four when a drunk driver slammed into them along I-29 in 2010, the effort is a bad idea.

"They're just making it too easy and giving DUI convicts too much of an excuse to get away what they were convicted for. It's like no big deal and just a slap on the wrist."

DUI lawyers don't agree. They favor the tweaks because they believe no changes would be too harsh, the punishment doesn't fit the crime and it would also allow for leeway in the event something unexpected were to come up.

For Callaway, the proposed changes don't do any justice to the friends he lost.

"Our hope is to not let their memories die in vain."

The changes are not quite a done deal. Two more votes and Governor Dave Heineman's signature are required for the measure to become law.