Charges Deferred, Not Dropped, Against Johnson Brothers

OMAHA (KPTM)- Four police officers were fired after allegations of excessive force, one reassigned, and three put on paid leave pending investigation.

Community activists say that's not enough after this video appeared online.

In the video, one officer punches a man in handcuffs and others chase one into a nearby home.

Since it was shot on March 21st, there have been rallies, FBI and police investigations, and eight of the twenty one responding officers either fired, reassigned, or put on paid leave.

Community activists want to see more. In a rally Wednesday, they demanded that the charges against the Johnson brothers be dropped. The three brothers, Octavius, Juaquez, and Demetrius were facing various charges because of the incident including obstructing justice and disorderly conduct.

Omaha City Prosecutor David Smallheiser said he plans to defer the charges against the brothers, until the investigation is complete.

Under state statute, prosecutors have eighteen months to press charges. "You never know when the investigation ends-so we know time is on their side-so there's no reason to have this continuing to hang over the Johnson's head," said Robert Wagner.

The fired officers are set to go before a review board this next week. That will be their chance to get their jobs back. Their terminations will not be permanent until an Omaha City Human Resource officer approves it.